Sushi-ish dog treats for your pup and the pups next door.

Let’s Eat Healthy.

Artificial flavors/color and preservatives, GMO, sugar, salt, – These are NOT what dogs need to stay healthy but easier and cheaper ingredients for dog treat companies to add. Unfortunately, there are many dog treats contain what you would not eat if you know the ingredients on the market. It’s dog parent’s responsibility to pick what to give your pups.

We are the company who cares what to feed dogs.

We use ONLY all-natural ingredients for our dog treats. Our treats are gluten free and handmade in the U.S.A.
Like you care about what you eat, we care about what your dogs eat – their lives are shorter than us, our furry family deserve good quality dog treats to maintain their health.

Minimalist Eating Habit as Samurai

Our main ingredients are carefully selected based on traditional simple and healthy Japanese food culture knowledge.

We’ve believed in the power of the food. Japanese determine good foods are effective to have better quality of life. We designed unique dog treats with using healthy and natural ingredients such as Organic Tofu, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Roasted seaweed, Organic Black Sesame.

Believe or not, these ingredients have been familiar to Japanese people through samurai generation. Something never changes.

Our main ingredients

Organic brown rice flour Brown rice had been a staple food for ancient Japanese people from around 400BC.
Organic Tofu Tofu is made with soybeans. Tofu has been major food in Japan since Edo period among Samurai and the others. Tofu contains good protein and calcium, good fat, Vitamin K, Isoflavones.
Roasted Seaweed Roasted seaweed(Nori) has a tasty ocean scent and protein, mineral, vitamins. Nori is used for sushi rolls such as California roll, spicy tuna roll, etc.
Organic black sesame Sesame is considered as one of super healthy food in the world. In Japan. Sesame contains several essential health- benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Our Team

Louis- Tasting Director

Our tasting director, Louis is a 10 year-old chocolate labrador who loves to eat, play, love.

He makes sure the quality of our dog treats!

Kiyoko- Founder

Our founder, Kiyoko Shiomi was born in Osaka, Japan.
INU means DOG in Japanese. Kitchen for Inu + Inu (Dogs) -She named the company with the faith of presenting good quality Japanese dog treats straight from the kitchen in the US.
She studied how to cook healthy for dogs and got certificated as Pet Dietary Education Specialist (by Alternative Pet Nutrition Association) & Holistic Pet Care Counselor (by Japan Animal Wellness Association) in Japan. INU INU KITCHEN was established in 2015 and started from LIC Flea market – Now we are back to the business officially to deliver Japanese dog treats for dogs living in NYC.